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How many yards of fabric will i need to recover my 3 person sofa ?

Aqaclean Fabric Marina The above is a question we are asked quite a bit... The truth is, the answer varies from project to project, a typical 3 person sofa is the most common sofa size in the US. The issues with fabric sizing arise when taking account into if the cushion detach, or if there are separate pillows for the back vs one large attached back cushion. 

A typical 3 person sofa, as you can see in the chart below, requires between 12-25 yards of fabric. Which translates into around 500-900$ in fabric cost, not including the cost of labor if you are taking your yards to an upholstery shop. 

All of our fabric is priced at $39 per yard, which would add up to $510 in fabric costs for a sofa requiring 13 yards of fabric.

Fabric Sizing Chart


Typical Loveseat Re-upholstery Cost

Your typical loveseats costs $500-$800 for fabric, 350-500 for labor at your shop, excluding transportation costs if you need the item shipped back and fourth. Loveseats require usually take 6-11 yards to reupholster, of course depending on the size of your seat. Consult with your local shop for their costs, they may be fixed based on the size of the item, or by the hour for larger items such as sectionals

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