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Aqualean SafeFront Clean on the Inside Clean on the Outside

How does Aquaclean protect me from viruses and bacteria?

For your peace of mind, Aquaclean fabrics offer a double guarantee of hygiene from the factory to your home:

On the one hand, the SAFE FRONT® component protects against viruses and bacteria as standard, effectively reducing its activity. On the other hand, the AQUACLEAN component limits the penetration of viruses and bacteria into the fabric.

The joint formula of AQUACLEAN and SAFE FRONT®, has been totally effective after multiple washes* and years of use.

The active component of Safe Front is a biocide based on Zinc Pyritione.

What kind of certificates does it have?

AQUACLEAN / SAFE FRONT® fabrics are currently certified in the following ISO standards:

ISO 20743:2013 8.1

Reducing bacterial activity by 99.99% after 24 hours.

ISO 18184:2019

For the determination of antiviral activity in textile products, demonstrating its effectiveness in more than 91% against Feline Coronavirus, an envelope virus very similar to COVID-19.

Is my sofa protected with Safe Front®?

From March 2019, all AQUACLEAN collections have incorporated the SAFE FRONT® treatment.