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Aquaclean Fabric by the Yard Buyers Guide

Aquaclean fabric is water cleanable, no need for chemical solvents to lift stains. The nano-coating at the fiber level is what sets our fabric apart from competitors surface treatments. Learn more about cleaning stains with our Cleaning Guide.

Cleaning Guide

Ordering Yards + Sampling: The titles our each fabric swatch have a color number which corresponds with the collection name, such as Bellagio 068.

When requesting, or ordering full yards, make sure to reference the color number and the collection name. The collection name and color number will match with a full yard of fabric, thus the fabric Bellagio 068 sample will match the full yard of Bellagio 068. 

Full Yards: Consecutive yards will be sold continuously, and not shipped individually cut. If you order 3 yards, you will receive 3 yards rolled onto a tube and shipped in a plastic sleeve to protect the fabric. 

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