Liz Jordan-Hill & Aqua Clean Fabric

After 30 years of creating furniture upholstery designs, Liz Jordan-Hill has partnered with the Aquaclean Group of Spain to make those designs enduring.

Longevity and clean-ability are keynote qualities of the Liz Jordan-Hill Upholstery fabric collections, you can learn more about what makes our fabric so unique and durable here.

Our Aquaclean upholstery collection’s focuses on classic textures such as: velvet, chenille, Nubuck, and Brindle. All fabric colors and lines can be cleaned by simply wiping with water!

You can use our fabric indoors or out, all collections are comprised of commercial quality synthetic materials, which are resistant in excess of 75,000 double abrasion rubs. Cleaning stains is simple, you just wipe away the stains with water, refer to our cleaning guide for demonstrations.

We do not perform upholstery repairs or recovering, we sell the fabric directly to designers, business owners and home makers who are looking to recover furniture, pillows, walls or anything!

Aquaclean fabric, is marketed in 80 countries worldwide, Liz Jordan-Hill is the only U.S. distributor of genuine Aquaclean fabric.

Liz Jordan-Hill Fabrics