AC Carabu 60 Ivory Embossed Nubuck Aquaclean Upholstery Fabric By The Yard

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The Carabu Upholstery collection has a classic embossed-nubuck texture and look. A perfect collection to turn your house into a Liz Jordan-Hill home, with the protection of aquaclean. Thanks to its pleasant touch, its wide range of colors and its characteristics, the Carabu collection adapts to the most demanding tastes thus becoming the preferred fabric of those who like to live life on their their sofa 100%.

Aquaclean® technology is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only. This provides you with simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time.

Aquaclean helps to remove the majority of household stains (wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate, cream, etc.) making life easier and giving you more time for the more important things.

Aquaclean Technology is an advanced fabric protector for upholstery of all kinds. It’s a treatment that covers every fiber with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric.

SAFE FRONT® is a protection against mites and bacteria. It is a totally ecological and harmless method of eliminating the presence of mites and bacteria in fabric. This development incorporates a shield which, in natural way, prevents domestic dust mites from reproducing. These mites cause a large number of allergies. In addition, It also protects fabrics against mites and bacteria, thus obtaining a totally hygienic upholstery material.

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